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  • Anthony Pender

Gooseberry & elderflower gin fizz

A very British spring time take on a classic Cocktail. The elderflower and gooseberry, create a well-balanced floral and tart flavour.

Spring brings with it an abundance of new ingredients across our shorelines. It’s a time when seasonal & sustainably minded chefs and bartenders get to dust off the scrawled recipe books and reinvigorate menus for the bright days ahead. 


50ml Cygnet gin (50ml Pentire adrift, AF option) 

15ml Elderflower cordial

25ml simple syrup

3 gooseberries

Soda water


Add gooseberries, cordial and simple syrup into Boston shaker, gently muddle, add ice, add gin, shake, decant into glass, top with soda water, garnish with a  sliced gooseberry.


Tip: If crushed ice is available single strain over Highball glass filled with crushed ice and stir.

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